Our Speakers

Rick Fischer

C.H.H.C., hTMAP, Author, Speaker, Educator

Rick’s unique path to becoming one of Canada’s leading HTMA specialists began with a health tragedy that happened to a loved one. He subsequently dedicated many years to the research of ‘Copper Toxicity’, keenly aware of the effects this mineral imbalance has (especially on women’s health) and the lack of understanding in the general medical community. Rick’s founding of www.coppertoxic.com has helped bring increased awareness and support to hundreds of thousands worldwide.

In clinical practice, Rick is both an HTMA practitioner as well as instructor, having mentored numerous practitioners over the years in the application of HTMA. Rick is a published author, speaker, nutritional educator, as well as founder of www.MineralMastery.com – an advanced nutrition training course specifically designed to advance education in this area of mineral-based health. Viewed by many as the single most important training they’ve received, Mineral Mastery helps empower the health of the everyday individual while also greatly enhancing practitioner training as well.

Rick continues to provide consultation and HTMA support to clients worldwide.

Lisa Pitel-Killah

BCHHP (AADP), FDN-P, hTMAP, Speaker, Educator

Lisa discovered HTMA when she was desperately trying to get to the bottom of her chronic fatigue.  It was then that she discovered that Copper Toxicity was what was holding her back, and the true root cause of her issues.  After her findings Lisa chose to specialize in HTMA and since then has helped hundreds of clients regain energy, erase symptoms and live better.  

In early 2019, Lisa started research and development for Vykon Custom powders (vykoncustoms.com), based on HTMA Science.  She was tired of having to break down protocols for clients to make them more manageable and more affordable, while in turn potentially compromising client results by having to eliminate supplements that they needed.  That is when Vykon Custom powders came to be.  These revolutionary powders are an all-encompassing supplement, taken just twice daily with everything a client needs to support their mineral balance journey.  The results have been staggering and the streamlined approach has given protocols a whole new meaning.  Lisa hosts a private online HTMA course and lectures at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, as well as the Institute for Holistic Nutrition in Ottawa, CANADA.

Dr. Rick Malter

PhD., hTMAP, Author, Speaker, Educator

HTMA history with Dr. Rick Malter of the Malter Institute. His nickname is “Magnesium Man”, because HTMA testing saved his life! 40 years ago, he was showing signs of severe hypoglycemia and total exhaustion. In 1980, he was fortunate that a friend and colleague, Dr. Candelaria was very well informed about the cardiovascular health risks associated with severe magnesium deficiency.   Among the major health risks associated with magnesium deficiency are sudden massive fatal heart attacks and serious glucose regulation problems which can lead to diabetes, and cancer.

Dr. Candelaria strongly recommended that Dr. Malter get a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) test.  The results of this simple lab test clearly showed that he had a very severe magnesium deficiency that put him at extreme high risk for a fatal heart attack.  Dr. Malter said, “I have no doubt that detecting my severe magnesium deficiency with an HTMA saved my life and put me on the road back to restoring my health, energy, and vitality.”   This is what led Dr. Malter on to study nutrition and HTMA in depth which was a natural addition to his psychology and counseling practice.  Dr. Malter has been using HTMA with clients for decades and has studied under HTMA Expert Pioneers, Dr. Eck and Dr. Watts.  Dr. Malter also offers his HTMA Practitioner course online.

Kendra Perry

B.Sc., FDN-P, hTMAP, Speaker, Educator

Kendra stumbled onto HTMA years ago when every other functional test had failed to tell her why she was still feeling chronically fatigued and burnt out. While running her health practice she came to realize that her clients were feeling this way too, experiencing the same symptoms, as well as a commonality with excessively high estrogen that didn’t seem to respond to any of the typical treatment protocols.

When Kendra discovered HTMA, everything changed! She was finally able to identify minerals and Copper Toxicity in herself and not only that, but in every single one of her clients with estrogen dominance. Learning how to balance her own minerals plus those of her clients has been a game changer both personally and professionally for Kendra. Now Kendra hosts the HTMA Expert Course which educates and certifies health practitioners that want to understand and interpret HTMA for their clients. Real results, quantified by science.

Rachel L. Neumann

Empowerment coach, energy healer and spiritual teacher

Rachel has been spiritual teacher, energy healer and empowerment coach for over four decades with a passion focused on researching why people get sick and why they don’t heal. As one of the early pioneers to use HTMA in a clinical setting, Rachel learned mineral analysis and implemented it with patients beginning in 1973. In conjunction with the creation of and administration of the Facebook 1,940 + member Mineral Sanity & Health group, Rachel hosts the In Conversation series which is a walk in the deep end of mineral balancing. Rachel’s six-part foundational self-study course in empowered health is entitled Healing the Mess of Life: Mind, Minerals, Miracles and Morphic Fields.

Rachel’s background encompasses energy healing, therapeutic massage and body work, Applied Kinesiology, metabolic balance and nutrition through mineral analysis, the removal of spiritual and emotional blocks, relationship transformation, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Matrix Re-Imprinting, Neuro-emotional techniques, Therapy Localization, meditation, contemplative Spiritual practices, and various other advanced coaching techniques studied and developed over time.

Dr. Robert Selig


Dr. Robert Selig is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Expert and owner of Back To Natural Health in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. He offers answers to chronic illnesses plaguing our society like Adrenal Exhaustion and Copper Toxicity – widely unknown epidemics affecting over 80% of the population!!

After 30+ years of experience in research in the natural health field and learning how to cure his own Adrenal Exhaustion and Copper Toxicity, he offers adult and child patients individualized care plans tailored to their biochemistry using HTMA rather than typical blood tests; which truly do not provide the cellular information needed to get healthy.

Dr. Richard Olree

DC, Doctor of Chiropractic and Author

Dr. Richard Olree has build his Chiropractic practice on the intention to help as many people as possible. He graduated from Logan Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO in 1980 and immediately moved back to the place he loved most, northern MI. As a dedicated doctor, he recognized the missing piece between his patients and their ability to have access to health food and supplements. Dr. Olree soon found himself opening a store within his office,  that eventually grew into its own location . He has been dedicated to educating the community on minerals, supplements and healthy foods for longevity. He is a passionate and hardworking Doctor, here to serve his community and the surrounding area endlessly.

John Bumpus

hTMAP, Natural Medicine Practitioner, Senior Fellow of the Society of Natural Therapists and Researchers

John Bumpus is a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Practitioner (hTMAP) and Natural Medicine Practitioner that specializes in Integrative Mineral balancing and natural detoxification. He is a Senior Fellow of the Society of Natural Therapists and Researchers.

John’s paradigm-shifting philosophy of the “inner physician” reminds us that the body wants to heal itself and that we need to both nourish and balance our mineral levels so that we can reach our true potential. He has a passion for researching scientific articles and evidence-based nutrition for all stages of development. He draws knowledge from the current scientific literature and wisdom from traditional cultures and is known for his work being research-focused, easy to implement, and sustainable for the long term.