Fiddler on the Roof Theory Workshop

by Dr. Rick Malter, PhD

Minerals truly are the “spark plugs of life” ~~ Dr. Henry Schroeder.  Due to overwhelming stress, magnesium deficiency is more and more common and comes with a host of debilitating symptoms, including sudden fatal heart attacks.  In this workshop, Dr. Malter, PhD shares his theory based on the popular musical “Fiddler on the Roof” and correlates magnesium deficiency with the stress of cultures and generations throughout the ages.  A fascinating synopsis of the effects of mineral imbalance.

Energy Workshop

by Rick Fischer

For millions of people, fatigue is a daily part of life. Often, its attributed to the idea of ‘adrenal fatigue’. Adrenal function however is only one of many aspects that contribute to a person’s overall energy. The Wheel of Human Energy is an energy model developed by Rick Fischer that aims to better explain the myriad factors behind one’s energy. Minerals are, of course, a key component.

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