About HVS

The HTMA Virtual Summit provides excellence and leadership in
HTMA based health education.

Focused on being a hub for authentic mineral education that health practitioners, and a health minded public, can trust and understand.

Brought together with two individuals, and supported by top Experts, this Summit strives to provide vital mineral education to those who seek it.

The HTMA Virtual Summit is committed to bringing together global leaders in the industry to share their knowledge, decades of research and experience, and the latest breakthroughs. Together, we provide clarity on HTMA and mineral-based education that supports and changes lives.

Trust  ~  Integrity  ~ Leadership 
 HTMA Virtual Summit

Our Founders

Rick Fischer

C.H.H.C., hTMAP, Author, Speaker, Educator

As the founder of www.coppertoxic.com, Rick Fischer is one of the leading educators in copper toxicity, advancing public awareness and practitioner training since 2014. His journey into the field of HTMA was born out of love, to bring answers and support to a loved one affected by copper toxicity.  Information on copper toxicity at the time was scarce, and practitioner training in HTMA and mineral education was quite uncommon.  For several years, Rick dedicated his life solely to the research of copper, creating in the process what has become the world’s leading education and support site on the topic.   

Impressed by Rick’s compilation of research, Dr Rick Malter PhD took (the younger) Rick under his wings to train him in HTMA.  The two Rick’s together then founded what would become an annual gathering of an elite collective of some of the world’s most experienced HTMA practitioners and mineral experts that would meet in person each year to discuss research, case studies, HTMA science, and more…learning from each other and sharing over 100 years of combined HTMA and medical knowledge – invaluable insights not available from any ‘school’.  

Working in clinical practice, Rick has been using HTMA since 2015, and has personally worked 1 on 1 with thousands of clients.  In 2019 he was invited to Sweden as the sole person from North America to lecture on copper toxicity to some of Europe’s top researchers. In the words of his mentor Dr Malter, one of the pioneers of using HTMA in clinical practice and who’s nearly 4-decade career largely revolved around copper toxicity, “Rick (Fischer) is truly the expert on copper toxicity.  I don’t know of any college, university, or medical research center that even comes close to the body of copper information that he has brought together.”  

Over the years, Rick’s work at coppertoxic.com has served as a key educational resource for countless practitioners.  Equally important to him as advancing copper toxicity awareness however is also advancing mineral education in general alongside the acceptance and application of authentic HTMA.  Towards that goal, Rick is the founder and educator of the Mineral Mastery Program (www.mineralmastery.com) – the original mineral-based health and nutrition course designed to advance this mineral-based nutrition education for practitioners while also empowering the general public with this fundamental health knowledge.  Rick is frequently hired to privately mentor various health practitioners, including a large number of Functional Diagnostic Nutritionists, Functional Medicine Doctors, Osteopaths, Naturopaths, and other HTMA Practitioners adopting HTMA into their own practices.

Lisa Pitel-Killah

FDN-P, hTMAP, Biohacker, Speaker, Educator

Lisa Pitel-Killah discovered HTMA when she was desperately trying to get to the bottom of her chronic fatigue.  It was then that she discovered that Copper Toxicity was what was holding her back, and the true root cause of her issues.  Throughout Lisa’s journey back to optimal health, as she began to feel like herself again, she took a keen interest in training with kettlebells.  Soon after, she started competing and now Lisa is a multi-time Kettlebell Sport World Champion whom has had the privilege of travelling the world to lift heavy things.  As the Founder of LPK Health & Performance (lisapitelkillah.com), Lisa and her team assist humans, canines and equine to utilize HTMA and individualized protocols to live and perform better.  

Lisa is passionate about HTMA  and educates health professionals with HTMA Lectures, as well as her private online HTMA Practitioner course accessed through the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, as well as the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.   

In early 2019, Lisa started research and development for Vykon Custom powders (vykoncustoms.com), based on HTMA Science.  Throughout the years, she realized that clients were struggling to stay on course with intense, yet effective protocols.  She was tired of having to break down protocols for clients to make them more manageable and more affordable, while in turn potentially compromising client results by having to eliminate supplements that they needed.  That is when Vykon Custom powders came to be.  These revolutionary powders are an all-encompassing supplement, taken just twice daily with everything a client needs to support their mineral balance journey.  

Lisa is constantly biohacking with minerals, vitamins and amino acids, as part of her research to evaluate the use of such therapies and their effects on the mineral system.  With serial HTMA testing, measurements can be taken, which in turn may provide vital information that may be used to update formulas for maximum results.  The results from Vykon Custom powders have been staggering and the streamlined approach has given protocols a whole new meaning with over 90% client compliance.