About HVS

The HTMA Virtual Summit provides excellence and leadership in
HTMA based health education.

Focused on being a hub for authentic mineral education that health practitioners, and a health minded public, can trust and understand.

Brought together with two individuals, and supported by top Experts, this Summit strives to provide vital mineral education to those who seek it.

The HTMA Virtual Summit is committed to bringing together global leaders in the industry to share their knowledge, decades of research and experience, and the latest breakthroughs. Together, we provide clarity on HTMA and mineral-based education that supports and changes lives.

Trust - Integrity - Leadership 

Our Founders

Lisa Pitel-Killah

BCHHP (AADP), FDN-P, hTMAP, Speaker, Educator

Rick Fischer

C.H.H.C., hTMAP, Author, Speaker, Educator