Expand your mineral and HTMA knowledge with online courses from the Experts

Hosted by Rick Fischer,
Mineral Expert & World's Leading Copper Toxicity Educator

Mineral Mastery takes you beyond the conventional idea of what constitutes “nutrition”, and beyond the mainstream ‘reactive’ approach to health. Even amongst those who “eat healthy”, many continue to struggle with issues around fatigue / exhaustion, digestion, blood pressure issues, brain fog, hypothyroid, depression & numerous other symptoms. Standard test results often come back ‘normal’, a pharmaceutical might be prescribed to conceal the symptom, and the underlying root cause is left a mystery and unaddressed.  In many cases, answers exist, right in front of us…in the delicate balance of the body’s mineral system!  

This course dives deep into the direct implications of mineral imbalances on common health conditions. It provides one-of-a-kind insight into the depth of the Copper Toxicity epidemic, the psychological implications of the Calcium Shell, the extent of Magnesium, Potassium, and Zinc deficiencies across the population (and the reasons why), the connection between mineral levels and vitamin requirements, the relation between mineral deficiencies and toxic metals, detox approaches, and much more.  Special units are also included on HTMA, including rare insights and a special bonus unit co-taught with Dr. Malter, PhD.

Whether you’re a practitioner or not, mineral imbalances affect everyone, yet most of this information remains off the radar. These imbalances, today, or down the road, manifest as aging, symptoms and compromised health.  This, therefore, is a course for every human, to advance our understanding of health and nutrition, and optimizing both.  

Kendra Perry

Hosted by Kendra Perry
HTMA Expert

Kendra Perry is a master of HTMA interpretation and education.  Join her for this in-depth HTMA Expert Course to learn about mineral level interpretation, toxic elements and detox, the epidemics of Copper Toxicity and Calcium Shell, and what the interrelationship of minerals tells us about functionality and overall health.  HTMA can bring to light potential functional issues in the body months, and sometimes years, before a blood serum test will.  

Not only that, she will teach you about the healing journey for your clients and how to successfully implement HTMA into your new or current health practice.  

When you complete this course you will understand the macro and secondary minerals, oxidation rates, primary mineral patterns, significant ratios and the critical interrelationships between the minerals and how they affect one another.  You will gain knowledge about potential toxicities, deficiencies, intelligent nutritional programming, and effective detox all based on results.

Not only that you will have access to Trace Elements Lab and VYKON customized supplements, you can make the protocols for your clients easy to use which increases client adherence and most of all RESULTS!

Malter Institute

HTMA Educational Training

Hosted by Dr. Rick Malter
A Pioneer in HTMA Research

Dr. Malter teaches HTMA training courses for health professionals.  Dr. Rick Malter is a leading expert in using hair tissue mineral analysis.  In 2002, he published his seminal book, “The Strands of Health: A Guide to Understanding Hair Mineral Analysis”.  He also has published several articles on HTMA in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine since 1994, and continues to do research, publish, and consult on HTMA.

Nutrition for Stress Management
A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) shows Graphic Patterns of nutrient minerals that display what is happening in a person’s Mind/Body system. The HTMA pattern is a Summation of how different Life Style Factors are affecting a person. Included in these 5 life style factors are:

1) Diet and exercise
2) Stress — Physical or emotional including relationships
3) Vitamins, minerals and herbs
4) Drugs and medications
5) Toxic metals

All of these life style factors together have a significant effect on the nutrient minerals that appear in an HTMA test. This effect is observable in the unique nutrient mineral patterns of a person’s HTMA.  If you are a health professional looking to expand into the world of what HTMA may bring to your clients, then this is a must!