HTMA Virtual Summit

Join HTMA Professionals, Doctors, Health and Wellness Professionals and Experts  from across the globe for a week of dynamic presentations on the history of HTMA, the power of mineral balance, the epidemics of Copper Toxicity and Calcium shell, and supplements that can be intelligently used to support the body.  Learn about the power of HTMA , an inexpensive, non-invasive diagnostic test that might just change your life.

Do you suffer from:  

Anxiety * Depression * Fatigue * Digestive Issues * Hormone Imbalance * Migraines * Inflammation or Joint Pain * Food Sensitivities * Yeast Overgrowth * Skin or Hair Problems * Weight Issues

HTMA brought to light decades ago that the basic concepts related to mineral imbalances induced by STRESS could lead to thyroid, adrenal, cardiac, glucose and other health problems.  Not to mention that still today, the go to testing is blood work, but it is known that HTMA can bring issues to the surface months, or sometimes even years, before a blood serum test will.  Mineral balance can help you alleviate debilitating symptoms, improve energy and  maximize health.  Join us for the week long Summit so you can learn what HTMA might mean for you!

Attend the HTMA Virtual Summit FREE with Basic Access, via ZOOM  and receive access to a week of presentations during the scheduled times.  

VIP Access will allow you access to the live presentations, as well as recordings, the ability to download the presentations following the event.  PLUS you’ll receive over $600 in bonus offers from our Expert Speakers.

Be inspired, informed and spurred to understand your potential and learn what is possible for your health using HTMA.

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