Dr. Robert Selig

As I always say, all roads lead to the liver and found this new product called TUDCA that looks promising for the liver and gallbladder. Here is some of the info on this very promising remedy. TUDCA is FDA-approved for the treatment of liver diseases caused by a lack of bile flow (cholestasis) [5, 6].

Ceruloplasmin (Cp) is probably the most complex protein in the human body with 1046 amino acids with anywhere from 6-8 copper atoms that must be embedded in the right position for this protein to fold correctly so that it works.

Zinc is needed in the production and storage of Insulin with the help of the other cofactors of Mn, Sulfur and 17 different amino acids, which will synthesize and store your insulin in the pancreas. But, let’s not forget we need Ca to stimulate the pancreas to release the insulin…