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Hey there, I am Lisa Pitel-Killah, TC is my Chihuahua and was born January 26, 1999.  My husband Troy and I brought him home at the young age of 8 weeks; he was always an energetic pup and loved his walks, and as you can see…..the sunshine!!  But a little over a year ago, he started to suffer from bloody diarrhea, so severe that we ended up at the Vet every 3-4 weeks for more antibiotics, fluid injections and probiotics.  This went on for quite some time, my poor little man was becoming more and more lethargic, wasn’t eating great and was starting to have bouts of diarrhea during the night, it was not a great time for him.  When he turned 11, on top of the digestive issues we were dealing with, he seemed to be having issues when he was walking with us because he just wouldn’t listen.  So I took him in for a hearing test and you guessed it; he was starting to experience hearing loss; I cried all the way home from the Vet.  It was very upsetting facing the fact that he was getting older and may have to eventually live out his senior years not being able to hear us.

For those of you that know me, you know that I never back down from a challenge, and once I got done my brief grieving, I decided to take matters into my own hands and use the testing that I have used on myself and hundreds of clients for years to help erase debilitating symptoms and gain back health.  It is a path with little research but I was determined to trudge a new path and help my boy.  So I gave him a small hair cut, sent off his sample to the lab and waited.

While we anxiously awaited his test results I decided to contact the creator of our 10+ Probiotic, Niels, and chat with him about using this invigorating tonic for TC.  To my pleasant surprise it was an astounding, yes; he actually told me they were in the midst of thinking about launching a pet line; music to my ears, I had to try it.  So for 6 weeks, every single morning I gave TC 1 tsp of my probiotic.  I administered via syringe straight into his mouth (he actually likes the flavour) to make sure that every drop got into his system.  Slowly, I could see he was drinking more water, eating a bit more and even had a little bit more energy……..but the biggest win – NOT ONE BOUT OF DIARRHEA in 5.5 weeks!!!!  That was a breakthrough and I was ecstatic


Well, results came in!!!   Look at those toxicities (see Fig. 1)!  Toxic elements are detrimental to the system, cause premature aging (think hearing loss) and can wreak havoc on the entire body.  One of the main things with toxicities to ensure that if they are to be mobilized that the body’s functionality is top notch to support the detox.  You can see here that his minerals are out of balance (See Fig. 2) and when we look at the ratios (see Fig. 3) they are all quite low; oversimplified meaning is that he is in a very depleted state and needs lots of support.

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