HTMA Virtual Summit

HTMA Virtual Summit

Monday, November 16
5pm pST / 8pm est

Dr. Rick Malter, PhD., hTMAP, Author, SPEAKER, Educator

Dr. Malter will be presenting the history of HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis).  Dr. Malter studied under the HTMA Pioneers, Dr. Eck and Dr. Watts.  Dr. Malter will dive deep into what HTMA can bring to light for physical and physiological health.

Learn about what deficiencies, toxicities and the interrelationships between minerals and how they affect your health.  He will also be speaking about the studies that go against HTMA and its validity to unveil why those studies are not considered relevant and what they really meant.

HTMA Virtual Summit

5pm pst / 8pm eST

Rick Fischer, C.H.H.C., hTMAP, Author, Speaker, EDUCATOR

Rick Fischer is one of the world’s leading experts in Copper Toxicity.  In addition to his clinical HTMA practice, Rick is also the founder of the leading education site on this topic –  He will be speaking about the epidemic of Copper Toxicity, the symptoms, the causes, and how an accumulation of copper causes a cascade of imbalances amongst other minerals, including the build-up of high tissue calcium.
Tune in while Rick educates about this important yet silent epidemic and how this might relate to symptoms you might be experiencing.  Not only that, he will also talk about the validity of HTMA in identifying Copper Toxicity and what you can do about it!
HTMA Virtual Summit

5pm pst / 8pm eST

Kendray Perry, B.Sc., FDN-P, hTMAP, SPEAKER, Educator

Iodine is a controversial topic, however, there are numerous studies showing the power behind this element; when used correctly.  Kendra Perry, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Mineral Expert will walk us through iodine, how we can identify deficiencies with iodine by using HTMA testing, and what co-factors are necessary to ensure that iodine is correctly administered.  

Iodine is effective to break up a “Calcium Shell”, so she will be continuing where Rick left off about Calcium Shell, what symptoms this might bring to light and how iodine will help to break that down.

HTMA Virtual Summit

5pm pst / 8pm eST

Dr. Robert Selig, D.C., FDN-P, hTMAP

Dr. Selig will be presenting on Zinc and its impact on health, as well as all of the enzymatic processes it is responsible for in the body.  Minerals are important when being analyzed, not only alone, but alongside each other and their interrelationships.  

Zinc and Copper are very important when looking into hormone health, so keeping these minerals in balance is paramount.  Don’t underestimate the power of zinc and what it might bring to the table for your overall health. You won’t want to miss this!

HTMA Virtual Summit

5pm pst / 8pm est

Lisa Pitel-Killah, FDN-P, hTMAP, Speaker, Educator

Streamlining supplementation, as well as supplement research and development is Lisa’s specialty.  Lisa will talk about the importance of ensuring you are supporting your body with right nutrients.  

She will also be reviewing foundational supplements when it comes to training.  Whether you are an avid gym goer, a weekend warrior, or a professional athlete; proper support for the body to function at the highest level is critical.  Learn how Lisa took her health from burn-out to World Champion and how she used HTMA  to lead the way.